3D Gait Analysis

3D Running gait analysis for distance athletes(800m and up) who want to improve their running economy, prevent injuries and get faster. Sprinters can benefit from identified imbalances.

3D Running Gait

Our 3D running gait analysis covers all essential aspects of running mechanics: economy of motion, stride parameters, gait kinematics and joint loading. See yourself in a 3D segment model together with a complete biomechanical running profile. An easy to understand reporting structure is broken down into three sections, showing you, Running Performance, Gait Characteristics and Joint Loading.


Shift The Goal Posts

Running Economy is good predictor of performances in distance events. Basically Running Economy is a measure of the amount of energy required to move 1kg of body mass 1m forward. Inefficiencies in your biomechanics and running stride mean that you require more energy for each step resulting in a higher Running Economy and a suffering performance. By correcting your running stride and reducing your inefficiencies you are able to lower your Running Economy and improve your performances from 800m through to Ultra’s.

Prevent Injury

Did you know that more than 50% of all runners will sustain a running-related injury each year? Have you also noticied that when you end up with an injury it is usually always on one side of the body? You run with body legs yet only get injured on one side? This is almost always a result of running with imbalances between your left and right side. This means that we end up compensating or overloading a particular area which then becomes an annoying side-linning. This analysis, through 3D modelling, assists in the identification of compensation and differences between left and right and shows you just how much you are loading your joints. By correcting your stride patterns you are able to reduce load and assist in the prevention of injury.

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