Dischem 2013 Half Marathon Training Tip #1 – Speed-endurance

With the DisChem 21km race just under 8 weeks away I hope that your build up is going well and that you have established a solid base with some consistent running.

For the month of November your main focus should be speed-endurance. By that I mean you want to work on your speed but with an endurance focus. The kind of speed work you should be doing during November will be longer intervals sessions and tempo workouts. The idea here is to condition both your cardiovascular system and your muscles to go the distance come race day.

An example of some sessions you could do during this time are, 3-5 x 1000m repeats with 4-5 minutes slow recovery jog between repeats, 6-8 x 800m repeats with 3-4 minutes slow recovery jog between repeats. Tempo sessions might be 2 x 10-20 minutes pick-up in pace with 10-15 minutes easy pace between or a 4km time trial every couple of weeks. Remember that before doing any interval training or tempo pick-up make sure that you have done an adequate warm-up of at least 20-25 minutes.

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