Dischem 2013 Half Marathon Training Tip #2 – Take advantage of the holidays

December, a time for family, holidays and a whole lot of relaxing. But, be careful not to take your foot off the gas completely when it comes to your training and maintaining some level of fitness. Remember that the DisChem 21km takes place early January and in order for you to survive those hills don’t stop training completely.

If you’ve been training all year round and you’ve been working hard then December is a great time for some recovery and repair from the last 12 months.

If however, you opted for the warmth of the duvet instead of the “see how much clothing you can run in” approach during winter then chances are you’re going to need some work during the holidays. December can be a great time to run, it’s warm, the weather is stunning in the early mornings and it’s a perfect time to slip out for some training before the family awakes. Apart from one or two longer runs, opt more for the shorter speed training sessions. A few hill repeats up a short steep hill, short tempo bursts where you pick up the pace for 5 to 10 minutes and hold it, run lamp posts (2-3 hard, 1 easy), etc.

You can also make training during holidays easy and fun. Instead of taking the elevator in your hotel, take the stairs. When going to the beach, walk there and back (the cooler box, umbrella, chairs and your Gran make for great weight lifting substitutes.) Oh, and when you get sent to the shop for bread (which is going to happen… often) put on the shoes and jog there and back.

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