Dischem 2013 Half Marathon Training Tip #3 – The Final Count Down With the DisChem 21k race only days away I hope you are excited and ready to get your running year off with a bang as you tackle the hills and streets of Bedfordview. The time for longer training runs is over. Between now and race day your focus should be on rest, recovery and speed. Get plenty of sleep each night to ensure that you line up at the start recovered and ready to race. Keep your training runs light and keep muscle damage to a minimum, again this will ensure that you are recovered and ready for race day. And lastly, focus on short speed sessions. Short speed sessions will get your leg turnover or cadence up while keeping muscle damage to a minimum and leaving you feeling sharp and light come race day. An example of some of the sessions you can do are 8-10 x 400m at 85% effort with 60-90secs easy jog between or 10-15 x 200m repeats at 90% effort with a short walk/jog recovery between repeats and my favourite of all, 15-20 x 150m repeats around 95% effort with a 20-30sec walk between repeats. Good luck for the race and your 2013 goals.

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