Most of us sit at a desk in front of a computer screen all day. While the human body was definitely built to run, it was most certainly not built to sit behind a computer all day.

The problem with sitting in front of a computer all day and the problem with our modern day comfort lifestyles is that we end up with muscle weaknesses and imbalances. If you’re training correctly and following the basic principles of training when it comes to running you should never get injured. But the truth is that we do get injured. Why? Basically, because of our muscle imbalances. Most of the time the injuries we develop on or around a run do not in fact come as a result of running. Instead, given that running is a repetitive motion, in other words, when we run we use the same muscles in the same way over and over, running exploits any muscle weaknesses and imbalances we might have.

The way to correct this is to identify our weaknesses and work on strengthening those areas. In the case of most runners, the glutes are weak. This is a problem because the glutes are the muscles that have the biggest impact in running, weak glutes = weak running = injury at some point. Core is another area that is often weak, calves and of course don’t forget about the upper body. While we’re not trying to look like Arnie our upper body houses our lungs and heart, our engine if you like. We need to strengthen those muscles too so that the engine works at its optimum capacity.

Be sure to hit the gym from time to time and iron out those weaknesses, even if it’s just once or twice a week.

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