Club and Group Coaching

Athletics Clubs are a huge area of growth in the running world. No matter your reason, an athletics club can be a great way to improve your running and challenge yourself.

Club & Group Coaching

Runners join athletics clubs for various reasons. Some find it very difficult to train by themselves, not only from a motivational perspective but also in terms of safety and security. Others join a club for social interaction with like-minded people. Others join so that they have some accountability and commitment to training.

We offer setting and scheduling of club or group training programs customized to groups of different abilities and levels.

I have a race coming up, should I be doing gym?

I recently got asked the question, "I have a marathon/ultra coming up in June, should I be adding gym into my week? I am never sure if it adds value or if I just end up running less and weighing more." It's a good question, and here are my thoughts on it. Gym...

Stay in the moment

“Are we there yet?” The dreaded whining question every parent hates to hear. It’s going to be a very long, long road trip when not even half an hour into a six hour drive the kids are asking, “are we there yet?” I’m sure you can recall just how long those road trips...

There can be only 1…plan that is

I often hear runners taking about an upcoming race. They'll take about the hard training sessions and hours of running which has gone into each week, all seemingly required to get them them ready for this important race of theirs. Then they'll start talking about...

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