Are you struggling with the same old recurring injury? Lynotherapy is a rounded treatment focusing on the cause of injury and pain which come about as a result of fascia locking the body into an unnatural overcompensation pattern.

Injury Prevention Therapy

We don’t get injuried because we run, we get injuried because we run with imbalances and mobility dysfunction. Lynotherapy is a method whereby the mobility of the fascia is assessed and released in order to restore natural movement patterns to the body. It is a great way of preventing sports related and overcompensation injuries by making sure that all your muscles are balanced and working together.


Full Range of Motion Assessment

The FROM Test, which consists of 65 different tests, forms the base of the movement analysis.

Discrepancies on The FROM Test gives information on compensation patterns, the cause of imbalance and muscle dysfunction.

The results of The FROM Test provides the information needed to determine if the body is locked in dysfunctional compensation patterns. The practitioner will work out a strategy to eliminate layers of compensation patterns until the body is aligned and balanced.

The Bunkie and Camber Tests give a clear indication of function of the linear lines and is used to determine if the body is responding to the fascia releases.

Muscle Lengthening & Shortening

When fascia gets locked into a short position the underlying muscle ends up in an inactive state, and when the fascia gets locked into a long postion the underlying muscle ends up in a weakened position. When muscles are either inactive or weakened the body has to compensate for the dysfunction which often ends in injury, pain or poor performance.

A Lyno treatment consists of a full range of motion assessment, to determine where the fascia is locked in a short or long postion, followed by a release of the fascia. The release is a hands on treatment facilitating movement and restoration of mobility.

Every coach can run, but not every runner can coach

The field of sports science is always changing and our understanding of the body keeps evolving. Without the sound advice from someone who is always learning and keeping up with the science you will never reach your full potential.

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