Muscle Activation

Recover faster, heal quicker and perform better.
Simple changes to incorrectly functioning muscles allow the body to make immediate shifts towards resilience, flexibility, strength and speed.

What is Muscle Activation?

Be Activated is a powerful neuromuscular activation technique developed by Douglas Heel providing a new perspective on why the body becomes dysfunctional and ultimately, injured. By fascilitating simple changes to incorrectly functioning muscles the body begins to move towards improved resilience, strength and speed. An activated body will change from a state of tension and pain to a state of relaxation, restoration and performance.


How Does it Work?

The body has two priorities for survival; to breathe and to move, without these two fundamental basics, we die. The body will do whatever it has to, in other words, the body will compensate to ensure these two priorities are met.

These compensation patterns are what put us at risk and cause recurring injury and pain and other dysfunction in the body.

The body does not work in isolation. What’s in the mind is in the body and what’s in the body is in the mind. Have you noticed how your performance and ability to move fluidly in times when you’re stressed or nervious is greatly reduced? This is because we carry our trauma’s, movement habits, life stresses and pressures in our body

If we carry these life stresses and pressures for long enough we physically begin to shutdown and physically begin to implode in on ourselves and our body’s begin to show signs of dysfunction, usually through injury and, or disease.

Muscle Activation is designed to get the body back into a state of function where the body is expanding and driving outwards. Muscle Activation is a process of getting the body and the underlying muscles and connective tissue doing the job they are intended to do. This allows the body to let go of injury causing compensation patterns and improves strength, flexibility, resilience, speed and of course, our performance greatly improves.


A friend referred me to RunEtics and I was very skeptical as I had aleady tried so many things to help my lower back pain.

After my first muscle activation session with Ray, I instantly felt a huge improvement and knew I was in the right place. Within 3 session my back pain had completely gone!!

It is such a pleasure to be able to exercise, walk, sleep, run, “live” without constant pain. I think everyone would benefit from muscle activation, not only for injury but to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle.

Kate Jacobs

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