VO2 Max Testing

Gives you so much more than just a number. Enables you to get more out of your training. Helps you understand exactly what your training zones should be so that you can train smarter.

VO2 Max Testing

VO2 max is the maximum amount of oxygen an individual is able to use during intense exercise. It is considered the best indicator of aerobic fitness and endurance. A VO2 max test determines your body’s maximal oxygen consumption and therefore is an important determinant of endurance capacity during prolonged endurance exercise such as running, swimming, cycling, rowing, AFL, etc.



Why do I need a VO2 max test?

Knowing what your VO2 max is and understanding how you can improve it leads to better performance.

Most runners don’t have the know how to get faster, they spend most of their training running either too fast or too slow. When you run too fast in training you train above your aerobic threshold limit, ie. you burn glycogen as a your dominant fuel source and instead of improving your your ability to run faster over long distance you get slower. That’s quite simply because you are not training at a speed that forces the body to develop and enhance your endurance capacity. When you train too slow despite the fact that you are using fat as your fuel source and that you are forcing the body to develop and enhance your endurance capacity, it tends to be a at greatly reduced level, so improvements are negligible.

Basically, a VO2 max test gives you the information you need to get the biggest bang for your buck from your training. In other words, train smarter, not harder.


Frequently asked questions?

Q) What’s involved with the test and is it hard?
The test is performed in your normal running kit on a treadmill while wearing a face mask. VO2 max can be determined through both a maximal effort and a sub-maximal effort. The test is an incremental test, ie. the intensity starts off low and gradually increases until exhaustion or until your age estimated HR max is reached.

Q) Do I need more than one test and how often?
A test gives you your VO2 max and training zones relative to your current aerobic fitness level. After applying what you’ve learnt to your training you want to re-test so that your training zones can be adjusted and your improvement further progressed. Testing is recommended every 2-4 months depending on your level.

Q) Anything I need to do or avoid before the test?
You want to be well rested, healthy, hydrated and ready to perform for the test. Avoid strenuous efforts 24 hours prior to and do not exercise on the day before your test. Do not eat or drink, apart from water, at least 3-4 hours before the test.

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