About RunEtics

Passionate about helping people heal and feel amazing again

A small business located in the north of Perth in the peaceful suburb of Kingsley.

Our passion is to get individuals performing at their highest possible potential both on the field and in day to day life.

Our services include:
* Hands-on treatments designed to remove injury and pain causing compensation patterns from the body
* 3D Gait Analysis to assist you in improving your running economy, cadence, joint loading and more
* Endurance Performance Assessment combining a Vo2 Max test and Lactate Threshold test in order to give you your exact training pace zones and performance prediction times
* Distance and sprints coaching accessible to anyone in the world, local form coaching and local group training


What we do…

RunEtics is a small business located approximately 15-20 minutes from the Perth CBD in the beautiful and peaceful suburb of Kingsley. RunEtics is owned and run by Ray Orchison, a passionate therapist, running coach and long distance runner. Read Ray’s personal story here.

Our passion is assisting people in reaching their full potential and performing at their highest possible level. Performance is different things for different people in different settings. For us, performance is about you. It’s about you reaching your full potential and performing at your very best.

Injury and pain undermine the ability to perform because this usually means missed workouts and inconsistency in training. Injury and pain come about as a result of compensation patterns in the body and compensation patterns are there because something in the body is not working like it’s supposed to be.

All of our services are designed around improved and better performance.

Our therapy services are all focused on addressing the cause of injury and removing compensation patterns from the body. As long as the body is compensating or is in a locked compensation pattern we cannot expect to perform at our very best.

Our assessment services which include the 3D Gait Analysis and Endurance Performance Assessment, give you an incredible amount of insight into where you’re at and what’s happening with every step you take. When one has a clear picture of what’s happening in each phase of movement, the movement can be corrected and adjusted in order to improve movement economy and efficiency. Likewise, when one gains insight into what’s happening in the body at a physiological level training can be better adjusted to ensure the biggest improvements for the time invested.

Our coaching services are delivered by certified and qualified coaches who are focused on assisting people in training smarter, reducing their injury risk and achieving their goals. Coaching is not simply dishing out hard workouts. Coaching is having the athlete’s bigger picture in mind, planning a progressive training path toward the goal and or goals, and structuring specific daily workouts that bring about the required changes in the athlete’s body that will ultimately give them all the tools required to achieve what he/she has set out to achieve.


Our Team

Ray Orchison

Ray Orchison

Owner, Therapist, Coach

Click here to read my full personal story.

I discovered a passion for long distance running in an attempt to fitten up for rugby when I was 14 years old. For years I had watched Bruce Fordyce dominate at the 90km Comrades marathon, so like many  other young aspiring athletes, running Comrades when I turned 18 was my dream.

I struggled with endless injuries which ultimatley resulted in 7 years of missed running. Back then, I cursed my injuries and desperately wished and prayed they’d disappear. Looking back, every injury I’ve ever had and every injury I pick up is an absolute blessing. My injuries have given me tremendious insight, knowledge and experience and led me down a path where I am passionately able to assist others in becoming injury free and reaching their full potential.

I now run pretty much injury free and continue to push myself to new heights and goals.

I love helping others be the best that they can be and I want to assist you in reaching your full potential through, 1. being injury and pain free and, 2. by giving you personalised training in order to see the best results in your running.

  • Zone Technique – Mastermind Certified
  • Neuro-Training – Activation Cert
  • NKT Level 2
  • Be Activated (Muscle Activation)
  • Dry Needling
  • HLT52015 Diploma of Remedial Massage
  • Lynotherapy
  • IAAF Level 5 Academy Coach (IAAF Academy Diploma)
  • IAAF Level 4 Senior Coach – Endurance – Middle Distance and Distance
  • IAAF Level 4 Senior Coach – Sprints, Hurdles & Relays
  • IAAF Nestlé Healthy Active Kids’ Athletics Upskilling Course
  • Certified NAASFP Marathon Coach (North America, 2 year certification)
Personal Bests & Achievements
  • 10km – 33:55
  • 21km – 1:14:17
  • 32km – 2:05:00
  • 42km – 2:48:00
  • 56km – 4:09:00
  • Comrades Up – 7h08
  • Comrades Down – 7h14
  • 1st in Bunbury 50k 2019
  • 1st in 3 day Umgeni River Trail Fest 2012
  • 1st in 6 day 250km Wild Coast Ultra 2013
  • 3rd in 2 day 100km Hobbit Trail Run 2013
  • 2nd in Mont aux Sources 50km Trail Run 2014

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Unit 2, 56 Creaney Drive
Kingsley, Perth 6026

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