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We offer a range of customisable service offerings to assist you in getting the most out yourself as an athlete.


Long Distance Running

If you want to improve or be the best that you can be over a specific race distance, then you’re going to need discipline, commitment and the correct guidance and training from a knowledgeable coach. In order to become good at longer distances you have to gradually build and develop your speed, endurance, strength, speed-endurance and all the while ensuring that you get enough rest and recovery in order to avoid over-training syndrome.

Your training programs are loaded via an online training platform accessible by you via the web or an app on your smart device. You receive your training and proceed as per the directions for each day. You are then able to log your training back against your training diary in the online training platform. You are also required to submit weekly feedback to your coach giving all relevant feedback and cues the coach may require. Based on this feedback the coach is able to modify the training to better match your needs and response to the training.

This option is for the athlete who is not able to, or does not want to commit to the coach-athlete relationship. The training program is written based on your completion of an information request form. There is no further interaction once the program is delivered.


Trail & Cross Country

To be a good cross country runner one needs speed, speed-endurance, endurance, strength and a strong mind to battle it out. If you are interested in being coached for either Trail racing, Cross Country racing or both, feel free to get in touch with us.

There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as running full-tilt down a rocky incline totally focused on the run and oblivious to the world around you, and then coming out in one piece at the bottom. Trail running is a relatively new addition to the running family but is a great alternative to the busy and polluted roads.

There is really is no limit as to what is considered trail. Everything from ascending and descending mountains, bashing through bush, cruising along jeep tracks, crawling up boulders and jumping from rock to rock. Some trails are easy running with relatively flat surfaces and others are so steep and technical that your only option is to power-hike your way towards the finish.

Race distances can be anything from 5km through to 300km. Single one-day stages through to multi-stage races of 3, 5, 7 days and up.

Cross Country is not dissimilar to trail running and can almost be thought of as the grandparent to trail running. Cross Country started in Britain with the first championship held in 1876! Distances are 4 to 10km (The IAAF have recently change the championship distance from 12 to 10km for men and from 8 to 10km for woman).

The races are run as both individual and team events with each team member scoring a certain amount of points based on position. The races are run over terrain similar to trail but generally allow for faster running races. Good courses include grass, gravel, flat sections, steep climbs and even water from time to time. Races tend to be fiercely competitive, often attracting the fast 10km and 21km road runners.


Join our club

The RunEtics Running Club was born from a desire to bring together like-minded people and to see running grow and develop. Running is very much a solo sport, however, when you bring runners together amazing things happen. A club provides the opportunity to belong to a running family who understand the sweat and tears required to improve and push yourself to heights you never dreamed possible. RunEtics is a club for all levels of runner. Training sessions are run in such a way that you can easily adapt the session to your level of fitness and as you improve with consistent training you're able to do more and push harder. 

Our club training sessions are planned by our very own Level 5 certified coach. As a member you are welcome to chat to the coach and get all your training questions answered and receive all the advice you need to become a better runner. If you are 12 years and older, we'd love to have you part of the RunEtics family. If you're a little unsure about jumping right in and signing up, no problem, come down for a few training sessions, meet the group and decide from there. We're a nice, fun-loving bunch.

When you sign up for the club your membership free includes a free RunEtics training T-shirt.


Ready To Get Started?

Performance looks different for each person. If you're struggling with pain and discomfort in your day-to-day life this is impacting your ability to perform at your best, book in your assessment with our team.