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What We Do

Our passion is assisting people in reaching their full potential and performing at their highest possible level.


What We Do & How We Can Help You


RunEtics is a small business located approximately 15-20 minutes from the Perth CBD in the beautiful and peaceful suburb of Kingsley. RunEtics is owned and run by Ray Orchison, a passionate therapist, running coach and long distance runner.

We want people to be at full health. Injury and pain undermine the ability to perform daily duties with ease and leave us feeling uncomfortable and miserable. Injury and pain come about as a result of something in the body not working like it’s supposed to be, ie) one or more of the systems of the body are disturbed. At other times, there are foundational issues that need to be addressed and corrected for 'you' to reach your full health potential. Then we look at reaching a new level of performance that is unique to your body's makeup.



My Journey

My journey commenced at the age of 14 when I felt the need to get in shape before the rugby season kicked off. I determined that running was the optimal way to achieve this goal. Initially, I couldn't even complete a block without pausing for a breather. However, I persevered, gradually progressing from one block to two, then three, until I found myself effortlessly covering distances of 5km and beyond. My inherent competitiveness drove me to continually challenge myself, always aiming to improve my time on the same route.

Regrettably, my newfound passion for running soon led to challenges with injuries. Despite being told that these issues were a consequence of my running routine, I remained skeptical. After all, humans are designed to run, and peers of my age engaged in similar activities without facing injury. There had to be an underlying cause.

Fast forward a few years, and despite grappling with injuries that hindered my training, I developed an enduring love for running. A fortuitous encounter with a friend who had begun an apprenticeship with a local Biokinetisist proved to be a turning point. Encouraged to seek professional assistance, I visited the Biokinetisist and, after a few weeks of dedicated work, I was back to running with the enthusiasm of a pig in mud.

  • Zone Technique - Basic, Advanced and Mastermind level Certified
  • Neuro-Training – Activation Cert
  • NKT Level 2
  • Be Activated (Muscle Activation)
  • Dry Needling
  • HLT52015 Diploma of Remedial Massage
  • Lynotherapy
  • IAAF Level 5 Academy Coach (IAAF Academy Diploma)
  • IAAF Level 4 Senior Coach – Endurance – Middle Distance and Distance
  • IAAF Level 4 Senior Coach – Sprints, Hurdles & Relays
  • IAAF Nestlé Healthy Active Kids’ Athletics Upskilling Course
  • Certified NAASFP Marathon Coach (North America, 2 year certification)

  • 10km – 33:55
  • 21km – 1:14:17
  • 32km – 2:05:00
  • 42km – 2:48:00
  • 56km – 4:09:00
  • Comrades Up – 7h08
  • Comrades Down – 7h14
  • 1st in Bunbury 50k 2019
  • 1st in 3 day Umgeni River Trail Fest 2012
  • 1st in 6 day 250km Wild Coast Ultra 2013
  • 3rd in 2 day 100km Hobbit Trail Run 2013
  • 2nd in Mont aux Sources 50km Trail Run 2014


Discovering the Zone Technique

Over the subsequent years, I honed my running skills, achieving commendable times. Witnessing my progress, others sought my guidance, prompting me to pursue certifications in coaching, including the NAASFP marathon coach certification, World Athletics Level 4 certification, and Level 5 coaching diploma.

As I delved into coaching, I observed a recurring issue akin to my early running experiences—runners sustaining injuries despite training within reasonable limits. This realization ignited my curiosity and propelled me into the realm of healing. I questioned the root causes: "Why are these athletes getting injured?" and "Why isn't the body functioning optimally?"

This inquiry led me to explore myofascial work, which proved effective in aiding athletes. However, the question persisted: "Why is the fascia initially compromised?" Each solution unearthed more questions, guiding me toward continual study and exploration.

My journey ultimately led me to the Zone Technique, unveiling a profound understanding of the healing process. This methodology provided insights into restoring the body to its innate state of health. Health, I realized, is the natural condition of the body—it should feel great, adapt to life, and perform optimally.

I am passionate about my role as a healer, assisting individuals daily in feeling great and functioning at their best.


Meet Emma

I'm a creative soul with a deep passion for music, particularly Aussie Rock, Aussie Indie, and Musical Theatre. When I'm not immersed in musical vibes, I'm busy creating them. I play the Ukulele, Guitar, and Piano, although my musical ventures are temporarily on hold when I decide to indulge in my love for beautifully manicured nails.

In the realm of entertainment, my go-to TV show is Gilmore Girls—I've watched it so many times that I've lost count! And when it comes to comfort movies, Aristocats takes the crown as my all-time favorite.

Connecting with people is my forte, which is why I thrive in my role at RunEtics. Engaging with individuals from diverse backgrounds brings me immense joy. Witnessing the positive impact I can make, even if it's just through a warm smile when someone walks into the office, adds a sense of fulfillment to my day. While I may not directly address their concerns in the treatment room, knowing that I can contribute to brightening their day makes me genuinely happy.


Ready To Get Started?

Performance looks different for each person. If you're struggling with pain and discomfort in your day-to-day life this is impacting your ability to perform at your best, book in your assessment with our team.